Lincolnshire couples among highest marriage success rate

Can your location have an impact on the success of your marriage?
Flowcard's researchFlowcard's research
Flowcard's research

According to new research from Flowercard, married couples living in Lincolnshire have the third highest marriage success rate in the UK, of 92.47 percent.

To put this into perspective, the UK as a whole has a marriage success rate of 59.09 percent.

Using government data, Flowercard looked at the number of divorces that were finalised between 2011-2020 based on the numbers from each courthouse, which were then sorted into counties.

The top 10 counties where people are most likely to stay together are:

1. Somerset - 93.88 percent marriage success rate

2. Surrey - 92.98 percent marriage success rate

3. Lincolnshire - 92.47 percent marriage success rate

4. Buckinghamshire - 91.97 percent marriage success rate

5. Northamptonshire - 91.68 percent marriage success rate

6. Hertfordshire - 91.47 percent marriage success rate

7. North Yorkshire - 91.39 percent marriage success rate

8. Leicestershire - 91.09 percent marriage success rate

9. Cumbria - 91.08 percent marriage success rate

10. Derbyshire - 90.72 percent marriage success rate

To discover the secret to happy marriage, Flowercard also spoke to Yvonne and Peter Galloway who have been married for over 52 years who revealed their top tips for a successful relationship.

Their top tips were:

- Share similar hobbies and interests that allow you to spend time together whilst doing something you both enjoy

- Always do as the wife says, she’s usually always right!

- From household chores to finances, split everything 50/50

- Schedule regular date nights (even if it’s as simple as having a drink and dance in the living room)

- Always support each other through difficult times

- Finally, never stop laughing!

Do you agree with Yvonne and Peter? If you have any tips for a sucessful marriage you'd like to share, let us know!