Grant changes life for family with disabled son

A Lincolnshire family have had their lives turned round by a grant improving their home for a disabled child.

East Lindsey District Council’s Housing Grants team have been able to help a family with a disabled son.

The family faced daily challenges with one of their children having complex needs and at risk of falls from escalating behaviour of climbing on household objects and being generally destructive.

East Lindsey District Council’s Housing Grants team were able to provide a grant after the family’s Occupational Therapist raised concerns of the behaviour exacerbating and becoming increasingly more destructive as the child grows older and stronger.

Following an assessment, the Disabled Facilities Grant for bedroom works was agreed, which included upholstered washable walls and a secondary window, an upholstered and safe bed, soft washable flooring and sensory lighting.

The radiator was covered to prevent climbing and injury and the television was covered along with all switches and a motion sensor fitted instead.

The child's mother, Sophie Atkin said: “The works have made a real difference to our lives.

"It was important our son was safe and the family were too, and the grant has now given him a safe space to go when he has a crisis. We thought it would be very clinical and like a hospital room, but it isn’t,

"it’s just like a normal bedroom and one that will carry him into adulthood safely, there’s not a surface in there he could hurt himself on”.

Portfolio Holder for Communities, Councillor Wendy Bowkett, said: “It’s great to see what a difference the Disabled Facilities Grants can make to people’s lives; it can help families remain in their homes but make some much needed adjustments in helping to make life a little easier.

“Our Housing Grants team work with a range of partners and support agencies to ensure the necessary works are identified and carried out”.

Disabled Facilities Grants of up to £30,000 are available to and can be applied for if you are disabled and need to make changes to your home to enable independent living.

If you live in Lincolnshire and would like to be considered for a Disabled Facilities Grant, call Lincolnshire County Council, Occupational Therapy department on 01522 552222.