New bistro brings a taste of French dining to Louth

There's no need to pack your bags and head off to France to enjoy their fine dining now a new '˜French-style' bistro has opened in Louth.

Ian Taylor has opened up a new French-inspired, fine-dining bistro in Louth.

Passionate young chef Ian Taylor, (27), from Swaby officially opened Perkins petit Bistro on July 11, which used to be the old Perkins Pantry.

But now following a complete renovation and refurbishment, the establishment now brings a little piece of France to Louth.

Ian said he has always had a love for food, and his interest in becoming a chef was sparked when he was 15 after watching his dad cooking in the kitchen.

Just one of the delicious dinner dishes currently on the menu.

After working in fine dining restaurants in London, Lincoln and Newark over the years, Ian also trained as a plumber and had a job selling cars up until this year - but the culinary call pulled him back, and, with a little persuasion and support from family and friends, Ian decided to take the plunge and open up his own bistro.

He told the Leader: “I’ve always had a passion for cooking and have worked up way up from being a pot washer to a chef.

“My family has tried my food in other fine dining restaurants I’ve worked in and encouraged me to go out on my own.”

The dishes at Perkins petit Bistro are made from locally sourced foods - starting off with a relaxed lunch menu on the go by day - with pre-orders and deliveries also avialable.

Then a new atmosphere hits the evening menu, the lights are low, the candles are lit and a little taste of the French cuisine on offer begins.

Ian added: “I have spent a lot of time in France and have done my market research - so I am really excited to be bringing a piece France to the town.

“I believe Louth is really up and coming and a French bistro is something the town needs.”

The current menu includes pork, pan fried chicken and also Ian’s twist on a roast dinner on Sundays. All of the dishes Ian creates are beautifully presented and involve a variety of simple, yet effective flavour combinations.

Ian said: “I appreciate there is a lot of hard work ahead, but I want to bring something new and fresh to Louth.

“If you come in, sit down and give me a chance, I guarantee you will be speechless by the flavours you come across.”

The bistro at 7 Mercer Row, Louth is now open for breakfast, from 9.30am-11.30am and then into until 3pm, Tuesday-Sunday, and for dinner, Tuesday-Saturday from 5.30-9pm.

For more info, call: 01507 201415, or look them up on Facebook.