Perfect place for a Friday lunch treat

WHEN the first pub we tried for lunch on Friday was closed little did I know it was a blessing in disguise.

I was about to find my new favourite place to lunch in Worksop town centre.

The Shireoaks Inn on Westgate was a welcome discovery.

Ditching the car round the corner in the council car park meant there wasn’t much of a walk in the January drizzle.

Snaking our way through the pub we found a suitable sized table to seat our party just underneath a large flatscreened TV.

The pub struck me as somewhere that would be great for a pint in the evening.

As well as the television for entertainment there was also a pool table and plenty of seating situated around the bar in various alcoves.

There were a few other friendly faces this lunchtime, who appeared to be enjoying sizeable lunches and the pub had a relaxed atmosphere.

Sometimes walking into local pubs in the daytime you often find they are eerily quiet and all eyes are on you.

This was not the case at the Shireoaks Inn, there was a welcome feel and friendly staff who greeted us as we sat down.

Scanning the menu there were plenty of cooked lunches on offer but it was the snack menu that caught my eye.

I plumped for a ham and cheese baguette for £3.50 with a glass of diet Pepsi £1.50.

While you might think it’s hard to screw up a simple baguette you’d be surprised.

The food came quickly and with a smile.

And once again I was pleasantly surprised.

Although the sandwich was more of an American style sub served on soft white bread, it came with grated cheese and real slices of thick cut ham.

It was delicious and at around a foot long I could have happily shared it with someone.

The meal also came with a fresh side salad including lettuce, onion and cucumber.

My colleague opted for the cheeseburger, which was a snip at just £2.

The large burger with soft white bun also came with the matching side salad.

And for a bargain £1 you can have a bowl of chips on the side.

The sizeable portion was clearly homemade and the chips were just the right blend of crispy and fluffy.

They were so good that I fully intend to go back for a chip buttie for £1.75.

For those into hot cob there is also a range on offer for £2.50 including beef, lamb and turkey.

My whole meal amounted to just a fiver and I was left feeling that I had enjoyed a real Friday treat.

I will definitely be return to the Shireoaks Inn and if you’re out and about in town I recommend you do the same.

By Debbie Lockett

Star rating HHHH