Sleaford gran loses 52lb and climbs Sydney Harbour Bridge to celebrate!

A Sleaford gran has celebrated losing an amazing 52lb in weight by climbing Sydney Harbour bridge.

Then and now - Kay after her 52lb weight loss at Sydney harbour, where she climbed the iconic bridge.
Then and now - Kay after her 52lb weight loss at Sydney harbour, where she climbed the iconic bridge.

Kay Anderson

Age 67



Start Weight: 13st 1lbCurrent Weight: 9st 5lbTotal Loss: 52lb

Dress Size then and now: size 18 now size 10

I took early retirement in July 2020. My thought was, 'what now'? I had moved nearer my daughter so did not know anyone. we were also in lockdown.So I thought look after yourself now you have the time. I started walking round the estate as being at home all day with nothing to do was quite depressing. I wanted to be fitter for my grandchildren who I now lived near so saw them most days. My asthma was my excuse not to exercise. So once I started walking I then joined WW. It was online at first but I seemed to get my mind set sorted. I loved that nothing was off limits and I can use my own zero foods on the Personal Points plan. I have learnt so much about diet and exercise and how to make small swaps that make a bigger difference to how full I feel and how much energy I have.I still attend my local Sleaford workshop with Kate most weeks and Keep up my exercise regime. I bought an Apple Watch and that keeps me on track filling in my exercise rings daily and I also like earning activity points when I track them on the app. The workshops allow me to speak with like minded people and we support each other.

I have just been in Australia for 3 months staying with my son and his family so I found the local WW workshop in Australia and went to be accountable every week and met some great people. I love that you can search for workshops when you travel to keep you motivated and mindful.I love fashion and enjoy seeing myself in smaller clothes, I used to dislike clothes shopping. I feel great and proud of myself. I have more energy and my asthma is well under control.I told my son in Australia that I could now climb the Sydney harbour bridge. And he took me at my word and when I arrived in Australia he booked for us to climb it. One off the bucket list. Again I was really proud of myself at 66years old. I am happier in myself than I have been in a long time and enjoying my new lease of life. My exercise and mindset is my new career looking after myself.maint tips: Go to WW meetings. Fill in the tracker daily (honestly) and exercise regularly. Keep going by setting mini goals.

for more info please contact Kay on: [email protected] 07799113967


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