Fun for all at Folk Festival

MUSIC-LOVERS were delighted at the Gainsborough Folk Festival returned for a good old knees up.

Hordes of people from Gainsborough and across the country flocked to Trinity Arts Centre for a star-studded line-up that included the likes of folk and TV star Bernard Wrigley.

Organiser Sue Dewsbury said the event has a huge success.

“The day began with a harmony singing workshop, and after a short time the group of people who had never sung together before sounded like a magnificent choir,” she said.

“It was a wonderful start to a day of great music.”

“There was also a songwriter’s forum followed where participants were invited to quiz Tom Bliss and George Papavgeris about how they set about writing and were also invited to share their own work. Running alongside this, the musicians were not left out as they assembled in the bar area to play along with Tom Napper.”

She continued: “Bernard Wrigley, who is a well known face and voice on TV, hosted an informal ‘audience’ where he had everyone in stitches with his hilarious poems, stories and songs.”

“The final part of the day was the Grand Concert which contained more than three hours of great live music.”

She added:n “All in all it was a fabulous day of live music with not a backing track or a sequencer in sight and a very happy audience left the Trinity Arts Centre to begin their long drive home.”

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