Great War backdrop for comedy drama

First World War comedy drama The Thankful Village comes to the Sleaford area this weekend.

The Thankful Village by Badapple Theatre Company. EMN-160520-182509001

Yorkshire’s Badapple Theatre Company stages the production at Ropsley Village Hall on Sunday at 7pm as part of a seven-week UK tour.

The poignant play takes its name from the title given to those settlements where no men were lost in the First World War because all those who left to serve came home again.

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It follows the lives of three women from the same rural household – above and below stairs – through the conflict, left behind, to cope as their menfolk march off to Flanders.

Each one faces up to the challenges in her own way, with resilience, humour, a sense of duty and whatever vestiges of hope she can muster, as the years pass by and they wait anxiously for news of their loved ones far away.

They cannot know that their village will end the war as one of a very few similar communities (52 in England and Wales) for which fate has reserved a special place in history.

Tickets are priced at £10.

To book, call: 01476 585729.