How to make your home stand out (in all the right ways) to potential buyers

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Gardens, kitchens and bathrooms are key for 2022 when it comes to enhancing your home for prospective buyers, it seems.

The spring property surge has begun, and if you are planning to sell a property, a freshening up could make all the difference.

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New research has shown that the aspects Brits find most appealing when viewing a property, are:

  1. Private outdoor space (52 per cent)
  2. New kitchen (51 per cent)
  3. New bathroom (42 per cent)
  4. Natural daylight (42 per cent)
  5. Clean and tidy home (28 per cent)
  6. Nicely decorated (26 per cent)
  7. Freshly painted walls (20 per cent)
  8. Neutral colours (19 per cent)
  9. New flooring (15 per cent)
  10. Modern appliances (12 per cent)

More than half of those surveyed find private outdoor space to be the most attractive feature when looking for a home to buy.

If you don't have significant private outdoor space, think about adding fencing, hedges, trees, and tall flowers to far-reaching areas – both optimising the space and adding to privacy.

More than half of people also claimed a new kitchen was what they look for most when viewing a property, with new appliances another attractive feature.

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A further 42 per cent found a new bathroom to be the most appealing feature.

If you haven’t the funds to refurbish your entire kitchen or bathroom before you sell, there are still ways to give your space more impact with a touch-up.

A fresh lick of paint has a great effect, or stick-on tiles in the kitchen or bathroom can help modernise it. Check for any rust or mould and ensure this is eradicated before viewings.

Natural daylight came in fourth position, with 42 per cent claiming this is a deciding factor to them when viewing a home.

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You can’t always control how much daylight your home receives, but with the right decorations, wall colours and flooring you can optimise the space and natural light you do have.

Try adding large mirrors to reflect daylight around the room, and choose light, breezy colours for the walls and floors.

Finally, it may seem obvious but is often overlooked - do ensure your home is well presented, clean and tidy.

Almost a third of survey participants agreed that unnecessary mess and clutter turns them off a property.

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Over a quarter of respondents said that decorations add to the impression when viewing a property, so be sure to invest in some lamps, curtains, side tables and ornaments.

Around 15 per cent claimed new flooring is a big tick on the list but if you can’t satisfy this want, a good rug can bring a room together well and really change the space.

You can even create your own bespoke rug from your favourite carpet with a carpet whipping service.

In contrast are the top five ‘turn offs’ that potential house buyers notice when viewing a property. They can be distracted by the following;

A lot of work needs doing to the property (45 per cent)

A lot of external noise pollution (43 per cent)

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Unsightly surroundings in eye view of the property (36 per cent)

An old kitchen that needs replacing (28 per cent)

Having to completely redecorate (22 per cent)

Johanna Constantinou, brand and communications director at Tapi, who conducted the survey, said: “With the surge of springtime property buyers just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start making changes in your home to ensure your property has the best chance possible when it comes to market."

You can check out the full survey and tips on how to boost your home before spring, at:

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