Lincolnshire tech company ‘kickstarts’ new photography gadget

Lincolnshire-based technology company Adaptalux is today (Monday) launching an innovative new photography product on Kickstarter - and the company hopes that its customers and supporters will help them bring their product into reality.

A prototype of the Flash Arms in action!

The ‘Xenon Flash Arms’ Kickstarter page will launch at 7pm tonight (October 7).

The Flash Arms will open up the incredibly adaptable system to both flash and LED lighting for photography, bringing all of the highly adaptable and powerful features of the Adaptalux Studio to flash macro photographers, allowing them to freeze fast moving subjects with ease and precision.

This latest campaign follows three other successful Kickstarter campaigns that have built the foundation for this highly appraised macro lighting system. Since 2015, the business has grown and they now have over 2,000 users within their global community.

Samuel Granger, from South Willingham near Market Rasen, is the Founder and Product Designer for Adaptalux.

Samuel said: “Flash has been something high up on my list since the original Kickstarter campaign in 2015.

“Therefore, we have been working on the Flash Arms for a long time, ensuring they work seamlessly with the Adaptalux Studio”.

“I hope to continue inspiring macro photographers through Adaptalux and I am excited to launch the Flash Arms as they open up the system to both continuous and flash macro photographers around the world.”

The Flash Arms have been designed and developed to work in harmony with the existing Adaptalux Studio products, and work has been put in to ensure the product is backwards-compatible with all versions of the Control Pod, so that new and existing can enjoy the Flash Arms.

Adaptalux Co-owner and Business Director, Martin Brenig-Jones, said: “It’s terrific to see how Adaptalux has developed over the last four years. Literally thousands of photographers around the world are now using the modular Adaptalux lighting system.

“The addition of flash is something that I know customers will love. Adaptalux is rapidly becoming the benchmark lighting system for macro photography”.

Key features include five flash output levels; iOS and Android app control; fully adaptable flash; fast flash recycle times; IR triggered; modular gels and diffusers available; and a long battery life.

The Adaptalux team is excited to see this project succeed and welcome a whole new group of photographers to the Adaptalux community.

Ben Tuxworth, the team’s Marketing Director from Louth, said: “I have been discovering new ways to shoot macro subjects after just a few months of using the prototypes, I know I’m only just scratching the surface.

“I’m looking forward to getting flash into the hands of our already passionate and extremely creative community to see what they can do with this powerful new addition to the Adaptalux Studio”.

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