Moy Park awards £25,000 grant for sensory room

A Sleaford charity supporting young people with autism and additional needs is celebrating securing a £25,000 grant towards a multi-sensory room.
The design for the multi-sensory room at Rainbow Stars. EMN-210102-151103001The design for the multi-sensory room at Rainbow Stars. EMN-210102-151103001
The design for the multi-sensory room at Rainbow Stars. EMN-210102-151103001

Rainbow Stars had been fundraising to furnish the room at its support hub in Kesteven Street, planning bingo sessions, craft fairs and Christmas events, but plans were scuppered by pandemic restrictions.

Jane Peck, the group’s founder, explained they then heard Anwick poultry processor Moy Park had a community fund, so the Rainbow Stars committee applied and ended up receiving its biggest grant ever.

Jane said: “As soon as I heard our funding application was successful, I ran through the house crying! It is unbelievable and so needed for our Rainbow family and community. The sensory room will provide so much joy, learning and benefits for disabled children to interact, feel calm and be safe.”

She said the grant covers the lion’s share of the cost: “We have got a local builder lined up to start putting in stud walls, then Rompa, the leading company that supplies the equipment, will come and fit it out. It is absolutely amazing, we are blown away.”

Jane said the room will help calm young people, providing physical and mental stimulation through sight, smells, touch, bubble tubes, a laser wall and even the floor will be interactive. They eventually hope to invite care home residents with dementia to benefit too.

Jane recalls: “It was just a year ago we became a charity and opened the hub. We have been keeping going doing Zoom calls online and meeting families if anyone is struggling.”

The grant is part of Moy Park’s £1 million fund established last year to support community groups local to its operations across Europe.

Jonathan Oldfield, Head of Complex at Moy Park Anwick said: “We draw most of our employees from the areas surrounding our facilities and we see our neighbours as important partners.”

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