North Kesteven residents told to get on your bike if you want to stay fit and healthy!

North Kesteven residents are being advised get cycling to stay fit and healthy in a new exercise campaign by the district council.

With the government in recent weeks announcing funding for new walking and cycling schemes and urging the public to get fitter to be able to fight off the threat of coronavirus, action is being taken on the authority’s vision that everyone in their area should be inspired to cycle.

Leader of the Council, Coun Richard Wright said: “Cycling is a great way to reduce the use of cars and promote sustainable travel. It also promotes health and well-being, improves the environment and helps our bid to reduce pollution and

address climate change.

NKDC is already investing in upgrades to the path alongside the River Slea as a cycling and walking route. EMN-200709-103535001

“In North Kesteven we already have the highest percentage of adult cyclists in Lincolnshire but there has been a decrease in the number of adults who cycle between three and five times a week so there are still challenges for us to address.”

Action to provide funding that will support the cycling campaign has been taken by applying for cash available for schemes that keep people off public transport in the light of the pandemic. North Kesteven is also working with Lincolnshire County Council on Local Cycling and Walking Investment Plans which will provide evidence that qualifies the authority to make priority bids for funding.

Coun Wright said: “We have already been successful in getting funding for improvements to the path that runs alongside the River Slea and a planning application is being prepared for a footpath and cycleway link between Whisby Road and Sadler Road in North Hykeham so there is plenty of work going on all the time.”