Birdwatching bonanza at RSPB reserve in Lincolnshire

A ‘bumper bonanza’ of birdwatching events is happening this month at RSPB’s Frampton Marsh near Boston.

There are a variety of birdwatching events planned for RSPB Frampton Marsh throughout May.
There are a variety of birdwatching events planned for RSPB Frampton Marsh throughout May.

The RSPB says birdwatching is ‘a pastime which enjoys wide appeal, partly through the popularity of TV shows such as Springwatch’.

This is certainly evident at Frampton Marsh nature reserve, which attracts 50,000 visits each year - with visitors travelling from across the country to experience the close views of wildlife.

Chris Andrews, Visitor Experience Manager for the reserve, said “Frampton Marsh really is earning its place as being one of the best places to go birdwatching in the entire country. These events are a great way for people to experience how fantastic Frampton is, either as a new birdwatcher or as an experienced birder.“

For early risers, there is a chance to enjoy birdsong on Sunday (May 8) with a Songbird ID course. Starting at 7am, this is a chance for you to improve your knowledge of what different birds sound like. Tickets cost £12 each.

If you are just starting to learn birdwatching, or prefer to do it in a relaxed manner, the two Spring Strolls could be the events for you. Happening at 10:30am on May 8 and 22, these are customised guided walks fashioned around you. Set to your knowledge and fitness levels, this is a great way to see the reserve and its wildlife. Tickets cost £8 per adult.

The fantastic array of birds at Frampton Marsh does also attract the keen birdwatchers, and there are events for them too. The Fifty Plus at Frampton event aims to see at least 50 different species of bird in a morning, assisted by a member of reserve staff. The event runs on May 20, starting at 8am and with tickets costing £40. Or you could go for the full experience, and the Frampton Big Birding Day on May 18. Running from 8am to 8pm, with breaks for meals and refreshments, and led by a member of staff, this is a one-off event not to be missed. Tickets cost £80 each.

More information about all these events, and others at the reserve, visit the reserve’s events website.