Boston is ranked the 'unhappiest' area' in England according to new research

Boston has been ranked the ‘unhappiest area’ in England according to new research – with Lincoln not far behind.
Boston has been ranked the 'unhappiest area' in England according to new research.Boston has been ranked the 'unhappiest area' in England according to new research.
Boston has been ranked the 'unhappiest area' in England according to new research.

However, Boston has come top in the UK for the fantastic garden space it offers residents in a different study.

The research into the ‘happiest areas’ by care experts Guardian Carers, analysed 304 local authority areas based on key factors that contribute to an all-round happiness such as access to green space, well-being levels, crime rates and income.

Boston was found to be the ‘unhappiest area’ at the bottom of the list, having the fourth lowest median income in England at £24,655, below the national average.

It also has the twelfth highest number of working hours, according to the research.

Lincoln came just nine places behind Boston, at number 295.

Eight factors were used to rank each local authority facilities for a happiness levels: well-being levels, average hours worked, income growth, unemployment rate, suicide rate, crime rate, access to public green space and access to private green space.

A spokesperson for Guardian Carers said: “Happiness provides not only that joyous feeling but also has major health benefits such as increasing your life expectancy and allows you to form deeper connections and continue strong relationships.”

Windsor and Maidenhead was ranked the happiest area in England with the best combined score of the eight factors. Rutland was placed third overall in the rankings.

The study was conducted by Guardian Carers, an introductory service placing carers, companions and housekeepers all over the UK who provide a wide range of care services.

On a more positive note, a separate study by planting provider Exubia found that Boston is one of the most affordable places in the UK for garden space.

The average garden size in Boston is a whopping 444m2 while house prices are 38% cheaper than the national average.

The town was ranked top for offering the least expensive private garden space at £413 per m2 of garden, compared to London’s £2,621 per m2.

A spokesperson for Exubia said: “With 63% of buyers and 59% of renters stating that their biggest priority when searching for a new home is finding a bigger garden, it’s very likely that more and more people will begin to relocate to affordable areas.”