Young people and adults challenged by Sleaford police for flouting lockdown rules on gatherings

Sleaford Police have issued a warning to parents to ask themselves: “Where are my kids?” after having to disperse two groups flouting the Government’s lockdown ruling on its first day.
Lincolnshire Police.Lincolnshire Police.
Lincolnshire Police.

In a social media message yesterday afternoon (Tuesday), exasperated officers said: “We have had reports of a group of kids hanging about in Ruskington. We also located four adults who had met up for football practice on the playing fields.”

The public was warned on Monday night only to go out once a day for exercise as well as going to get essential food and medical supplies or seeking medical help, or if they are a key worker who cannot work from home.

Police have been stopping drivers on major roads in the area, challenging them whether their journeys are essential during the current lockdown limits. People risk getting a £30 fine if caught.

Some residents have expressed disbelief and the attitude of those ignoring the warnings about staying at home and only being in groups two people if not from the same household while out in public, keeping the safe two metre social distancing.

One person commented: “What is wrong with some people? Do they value their own children so little, or is it a case of ‘it won’t happen to us’? Get them inside or in the garden and keep them there. They might survive an infection but there are others who won’t.”

Another replied: “Some people are just unbelievable... it’s not a holiday!”