Take care of your pets during the spooky season

Although Halloween and Bonfire Night might be fun for us, an emergency pet care provider is urging owners to take extra care of their pets this spooky season.

Vets Now is providing some advice for pet owners to prepare their pets as we head towards Bonfire night and Halloween.

Trick or treats may provide exciting treats, but many human treats are toxic to pets. Just some of the hazards that could make your pet ill include the jelly sweets people buy in for Halloween ‘trick or treaters’ as they contain poisonous artificial sweetener xylitol, while chocolate is also highly toxic to dogs.

And let’s not forget one of cats and dogs’ biggest fears - fireworks.

Alana Taylor works as an emergency nurse at the Vets Now clinic in Lincoln. She said: “Fireworks can be hugely distressing for pets, birds and wildlife particularly when they’re let off unexpectedly.

“Although still distressing, pet owners can at least plan for well-publicised public events, or even take their pets elsewhere when they know they’re happening, but that’s not the case for indiscriminate private displays. It’s often the random flashes and bangs from those that cause most misery to our pets.”

Alana has provided these tips on keeping your pet safe during fireworks season.

Its always a good idea to talk to your vet about the best way to get your dog used to the loud noises if they suffer from fireworks anxiety. They may be able to recommend products or medication that may help to reduce anxiety.

In some cases, they might recommend a professional animal behaviourist to help your pet handle their fear.

When dogs are anxious they often look for a safe space to take themselves off to, so now is the time to create a ‘den’ or secure space where they can relax.

Sound therapy aims to desensitise your dog to fireworks by gradually exposing them to the noises over time. Start by playing the sounds for a short time on a very low volume and gradually increase the length and volume every day.

Be aware of times and locations of fireworks displays by checking council websites and social media groups to help you take steps to support your pet during the display itself.

Also, ensure their ID and microchip details are up to date just in case they do escape.