Scottish rockers Frightened Rabbit head to Nottingham

SCOTTISH rockers Frightened Rabbit are bringing their top 10 album to Nottingham this month with a show at Rescue Rooms.
Andrew Trendell talks to Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott HutchisonAndrew Trendell talks to Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison
Andrew Trendell talks to Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison

Now on their fourth critically-acclaimed record Pedestrian Verse and with recent single The Woodpile igniting the airwaves, Frightened Rabbit are finally set to break out of their cult status and hit the big time.

“Cults can be quite big,” said frontman Scott Hutchison to Guardian reporter Andrew Trendell. “Does Scientology count?”

Beyond Tom Cruise and his contentious beliefs, Hutchison finds himself in good company as a ‘cult band’.

“I’m quite happy to be called that, to be honest,” admits Scott. “You’ve got bands like Deathcab for Cutie who were a cult band well into selling over a million records. It’s all about perception rather than how many albums or tickets you shift. I kind of feel like we’re someone’s secret.”

For over six years and three critically-acclaimed albums, Frightened Rabbit have been tirelessly working on building a dedicated fan base around the world with their crushingly emotive, marvellously honest and unmistakably Scottish approach to alt-folk.

They can be dark, they can be poetic, they can be brash, and they can be very, very loud.

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- Frightened Rabbit play Rescue Rooms, Nottingham on Thursday 21st February. For tickets and info visit or call 0845 413 4444.

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