The UK cities spending the most on Valentine’s Day

A new survey has found the UK cities that spend the most on Valentine’s Day presents for their nearest and dearest.

UK Cities Spending the Most on Valentine’s Day  (DisobeyArt -
UK Cities Spending the Most on Valentine’s Day (DisobeyArt -

London has come out on top as the city that spends the most on their partners for Valentine’s Day, according to a new survey.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Cartwright and Butler has looked into the UK cities that shower their partners with the most gifts on the most romantic day of the year, with London coming in the top spot.

It was revealed that Londoners spend an average £56.39 on Valentine’s presents for their nearest and dearest, the most of any other city.

London spends the most on Valentine's Day gifts

However, those Southampton were found to be only spending £6 less than Londoners, with an average spend of £50.38 on their partners.

The top five cities splashing the most cash on Valentine’s Day were:

London - £56.39

Southampton - £50.38

Cities spending the most on Valentine's Day gifts

Manchester - £39.90

Belfast - £34.19

Bristol - £32.33

On the other hand, Edinburgh was found to be spending the least on their other half, with an average of £12.95 spent on presents for Valentine’s Day.

Counting the cost and the pennies when it comes to Valentine's Day - Edinburgh spends the least on Valentine's gifts

The five cities spending the least on Valentine’s Day were:

Edinburgh - £12.95

Norwich – £19.69

Sheffield - £20.52

Cardiff - £20.59

Newcastle - £21.87

The findings form the ‘generous givers index', which looked into a number of different factors before ranking cities on the results, including:

The percentage of people that have surprised someone in the past year with a gift

The number of people that admit to spending more on others since the pandemic started

The average number of gifts bought per month

How much money people spend on others for different occasions (including birthdays, Christmas, valentines, general surprises and gifts for colleagues)

Based on these factors, London was crowned the most generous city, with people in the capital the most likely to spoil each other with high value gifts throughout the year.

The top five most generous cities we revealed as:






Those living in Edinburgh were revealed as the least generous. This was followed by Norwich, Cardiff, Sheffield, and Nottingham.

The data also showed that a third of us (33 per cent) are buying more gifts and spending more on others since the beginning of the pandemic – a possible symptom of missing our friends and family over the course of the past two years.

Gemma Barton, Head of Marketing & Ecommerce at Cartwright & Butler, commented on the findings: “2021 was another difficult year for many and so it’s great to see that so many people across the country are looking to cheer others up with a gift – regardless of what the value is.

“We wanted to conduct this research to get an insight into just how much people are spending on others and which locations in the country are the most generous. We offer a range of hampers that are perfect for cheering people up, these can also be personalised to add an extra touch.”