Sparkling display set for Horncastle bonfire fun

Horncastle is set to celebrate again as the town Bonfire and Fireworks, organised by the Lions Club, takes place on Thimbleby Hill.

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Fireworks ENGEMN00120101230101416

As is the tradition, it will be held on November 5, which this year is a Saturday.

The gates will open at 6pm and the fire will be lit at 7pm, with the firework display starting as soon as everyone has arrived.

Entry is £4, £10 for families and £2 for concessions.

The fun event includes all the usual attractions too - hot dogs, burgers, hot drinks and side stalls.

Parking is restricted on the public highway so be prepared to walk.

“Bonfire Night is an important event for the Club,” said Lion President Steve Flood .

“This community event provides families with an affordable and safe bonfire and fireworks experience, all money raised goes to charity, much of which is returned to the local community.

“Having said that, we cannot forget our service to anyone in trouble anywhere and Horncastle’s club has sent a substantial grant to Haiti, which is reeling after yet another natural disaster.”