Major plan for three-storey extension at Royal Hotel in Skegness

A major plan for 50 new luxury rooms at the Royal Hotel in Skegness is set to make the resort "a destination for coaches".

The Royal Hotel in Drummond Road, Skegness.
The Royal Hotel in Drummond Road, Skegness.
The Royal Hotel in Drummond Road, Skegness.

The proposal for two additional accommodation blocks has been submitted to East Lindsey District Council by owner Taj Bola and is currently awaiting approval.

Mr Bola is seeking outline planning to erect the rooms on the west side of the hotel in Drummond Road in an area that is currently used for car parking.

The Hotel was built in the 19th century and has seen an ongoing programme of renovation and improvements. Mr Bola says he has recognised the need for a hotel within Skegness that can welcome coach parties and provide more "luxurious" accommodation.

"At present there is not a hotel large enough to exploit this potential trade, which means that the town is losing business to more competitive coastal regions," he said in the application.

"The provision of a hotel of this size within Skegness would offer our client the opportunity to market the town as a coach trip holiday destination, which would be a great asset to the local economy."

It is planned that the layout of the proposed three-storey extension should form a courtyard on the west side of the existing hotel.

The design would be "a pastiche of traditional Victorian architecture, conforming to the style of the existing hotel". "Materials are to match, but details may be embellished to give a more opulent feel," the application says.

This includes importing materials from Dubai that "epimomise extravagance", Mr Bola added.

"Skegness has got great potential and I am out to give a higher offering to visitors. "There are great things along the coast such as Gibraltar Point and the North Sea Observatory.

"We have done our research and the market is out there."

So far the plans have been backed by Skegness Town Council but six neighbours have raised objections, including four in Lifeboat Avenue.

One who lives in Lifeboat Avenue said the development would tower over properties.

She said: "Drawings show windows on the south side all facing into rear gardens and the rear properties in Lifeboat Avenue which will completely remove the privacy of residents.

Parking was also a concern. "The new parking spaces will cause added noise nuisance and disruption," the neighbour said, pointing out at busy times hotel users already used residential spaces.

Subject to planning approval, Mr Bola hopes to start work later this year to be open for next season.