VIDEO: Circus is back in town on 10th anniversary tour

The greatest show has returned to the coast - this year on its 10th anniversary tour.

Skegness is always pleased to welcome back the Wonder Circus and the performers are equally delighted to be here.

After pitching the Big Top in Burgh Road for the summer the past 10 years, the town has become very special to them.

"It's like our second home," admitted circus owner Carolyn.Roberts. "We love coming back and entertaining in Skegness."

The Mayor and Mayoress of Skegness Coun and Mrs Jane Burnham were special guests at teh Wonder Circus in Skegness.

The Wonder Circus was the only live entertainment allowed during lockdown and once again they have brought their mega structure seating 350 people with social distancing and all Covid-19 restrictions remain in place until they are lifted if all goes to plan next month.

"Lockdown was really hard but we worked every day from morning until night looking after our animals on our farm.

"I'm so lucky to live in the country and spend lots of time with my family - you could say I've been blessed.

"But we haven't been doing what we love and that is entertaining people and performing in front of a live audience.

Families enjoyed live entertainment under the Big Top.

"We are all super excited and have a brand new show for 2021."

Along with jugglers, trapeze artists and Carolyn's amazing horses are some new acts.

"We have mini poodles doing tricks and my fabulous boys are back but we have a brand new way of presenting them.

"We've gone all British with the acts for Brexit with the exception of our award-winning clowns from Italy.

Breathtaking act at the Wonder Circus in Skegness.

"We hope everyone enjoys it."

The Skegness Standard went along to the show at the special season launch, attended by the Mayor and Mayoress of Skegness, Trevor and Jane Burnham, and other guests.

Coun Burnham admitted this was only the second time in his life he had been to the circus.

"The first time was two years ago when I brought my grandchild but I never had the opportunity to come growing," he said. "We've really been looking forward to it."

Thrilling juggling acts.

Amongst the audience were the McGoogan family from Burnley. "We are on holiday on the Southview Holiday Centre. Earlier we went to Fantasy Island and we thought we'd come along to the circus tonight.

"It's so nice to get out again and see a live show."

For booking details visit The Wonder Circus on Facebook.

Fun and games with award-winning clowns.
Mayor Coun Trevor Burnham said he wanted to do this at the next council meeting!
Carolyn Roberts and her amazing hortses.
Make 'em laugh - these award-winning clowns from Italy are the only non-British act this year.
The Wonder Circus is back at Skegness for the summer.