The hole truth is more than plain

ONE of my work colleagues often manages to steal the lunchtime thunder in the Guardian canteen with nothing more simple than a delicious toasted bagel and cream cheese.

Fed-up with the usual salads and sandwiches, I decided to liven up my lunch and head for The Bagel Hole which promises to offer Retford’s tastiest eating experience.

The shop on Bridgegate seems to be geared up for takeaway orders but also has a small seating area for anyone wanting to eat in.

This monsoon of a summer was at its height on our visit so we decided to take a seat and shelter indoors.

There is a boggling choice of bagels on offer - from plain, poppyseed, cheese and jalapeno to sundried tomato and black olive - all served with a great range of delicious sounding fillings.

And if bagels aren’t your thing, you can choose from an all-day breakfast menu, paninis and oven-baked jacket potatoes to daily specials, soups, tortilla wraps and salad boxes.

There are also plenty of sweet treats on offer to round off your meal, from cakes to teacakes and cookies.

I decided to keep it simple and opt for The Philly - cream cheese and fresh salad on a poppy seed bagel for £1.80.

My mum went for the same on a sesame seed bagel, while my dad chose the Simply Salmon - fresh smoked salmon, lemon oil and cream cheese bagel for £3.20.

After placing our orders at the counter, our food soon arrived, together with a bag of Yorkshire Crisps.

Our bagels were tasty, crammed with fillings and it made all the difference having different flavoured bread to liven up our lunchtime.

My only gripe was the salad - it was as soggy as the rainy day of our visit and didn’t taste as fresh as it could have done.

But other than that it was a perfectly tasty lunch and considering the bill for £11.70 for the three of us, you can hardly complain.

The Bagel Hole’s menu is all very reasonably priced and evidently a lot of thought has gone into it.

The staff were very friendly and helpful and it is great to see a local independent company offering something a little different - all freshly-made and with locally sourced ingredients.

With only a few tables inside, The Bagel Hole seems to be more geared towards catering for the take-out clientele - lucky for the offices and shops in Retford.

They also cater for business breakfasts and lunches - and will deliver free on all orders over £5.

So my question is, when will The Bagel Hole be opening up in Worksop?

Star rating: HHHH

by Chantal Spittles

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