Inside the Wellingore phone box. EMN-210402-121039001Inside the Wellingore phone box. EMN-210402-121039001
Inside the Wellingore phone box. EMN-210402-121039001

WI festoon Wellingore street in green hearts

WI members are using crafting skills to show their support for the need for serious action by governments on climate change.

Wellingore Women’s Institute is backing The Climate Coalition’s annual #showthelove campaign, which uses green hearts to draw attention to the need for action.

Today (Thursday), anyone passing through Wellingore on the A607 will notice the women have adopted a disused telephone box on the corner of the High Street and festooned it with green hearts. They have been busy crafting them from knitting, crochet, sewing, paper, wool, braid and fabric.

They have done it all within strict COVID-19 distancing regulations, working alone or in household groups and the whole thing was co-ordinated via online chats and video calls.

Lincolnshire South Federation Climate Ambassador Jan Banks, also a member of Wellingore WI, said: “The WI is one of the large organisations that belong to the Climate Coalition. Every February, we encourage our members to #showthelove by using the power of green hearts to draw attention to the importance of tackling climate change and protecting all the things we love. This year, because of the pandemic, it has seemed more important than ever to focus on and value all of these things. I think it has become apparent to everyone since last March that our personal health, both physical and mental, is directly linked to our environment.”

Janis Tunaley from the WI added that the reaction from locals has been very positive so far. “I went down to look this morning to make sure everything is still intact (it is!), and people out on walks were taking note. Raised some smiles, and one lady walking her dog asked me what it was all about, so it’s doing its job!”

The Climate Coalition is the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action against climate change, made up of over 140 organisations, including the WI, the National Trust, Oxfam and the RSPB.

Helen Berrie, Wellingore WI president, added: “We haven’t been able to hold regular meetings because of COVID-19 so this has been a great opportunity to bring our members together in a common project. We’re supporting the national drive to tackle climate change and it’s also given us something fun to do while we’re all staying at home.”

It is hoped the display can stay in place until February 21.

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