Conservatives retain overall control of Lincolnshire County Council

The Conservative Party won 54 out of the 70 seats at the county council, it can be revealed.

Elections stock image.

Five independent councillors were elected, four for Labour, three Liberal Democrats, three South Holland Independents, and one Lincolnshire Independent.

Across the county, 179,165 votes were cast, representing a turnout of 31% of 569,480 registered electors.

Votes were shared across the parties as follows:

• Conservative: 98,570

• Labour: 31,240

• Independent candidates: 18,370

• Lincolnshire Independents: 5,439

• Liberal Democrats: 9,104

• South Holland Independents: 4,937

• Green: 3,942

• Skegness Urban District Society: 2,383

• For the People not the Party: 558

• Other: 3,308

• Spoilt ballots: 1,314

43 councillors are returning, and 27 councillors are new.

The first result – Stamford East – came in at 10.08am on Friday, May 7. The last result – Tattershall Castle – came in at 3.45pm

View the full results, including detailed figures and swing for each division, here

Councillor Martin Hill, the leader of the Conservative group and of Lincolnshire County Council, said: “I’m very pleased with the result, which nearly matches the excellent result we had four years ago.

“We have an ambitious manifesto for the future. It’s all about continuing to provide good services, keeping council tax low, and an ambitious building programme for the future – not just new roads and bypasses, also new schools, better broadband across the county, and many other initiatives which we want to bring forward.

“We’re going to continue to ask for more powers from government and also for more money for things like road maintenance, which was probably the most dominant theme of this election. We’ve always prioritised road maintenance but I think we need more help from government to continue the good work.

“We’ll do our very best for you over the next four years.”