Battleships, chess and Monopoly are just some of the games available at this new Horncastle board game group

Gamers who are looking to meet likeminded peoiple for a bit of friendly competition can pop along to a brand new community group next weekend.

Kathryn Hannard is setting up a board game group in Horncastle. EMN-210709-093230001

Kathryn Hannard, from Scrivelsby, has set up a brand new board game group for anyone aged 16 and over who want to meet new people and make friends with like-minded gamers.

The group will be held every Saturday evening in Horncastle Community Centre from 7pm to 9.30pm, with the first meeting scheduled for next Saturday (September 18).

Horncastle Games Club offers individuals who enjoy playing board and card games to make friends in a casual setting.

The idea came about when Kathryn moved back to Horncastle from niversity and realised there was very little in terms of activities for young people to do in the town, aside from plenty of children’s activities and adults sports clubs, there weren’t many opportunities for people in the age group in between.

She explained: “It’s frustrating to have to travel to somewhere like Boston or Skegness for something to do, so I thought instead of just complaining about it, why don’t I do something about it and set something up?”

Kathryn said she wants to give people in the area the opportunity to meet and make friends.

“Everyone has been so isolated because of Covid-19 and I bet many people have forgotten how to make friends and socialise with people, and I wanted to give people that chance,” Kathryn added.

The first session will be free to all new members to allow everyone the opportunity to try the group for free: “We don’t want people who are financially struggling to have to miss out,” Kathryn said.

Following a free taster session, each meeting will be £3 per member, or you can book four sessions for £10. If members also bring a friend along to a session, then they will also get their next session at half price.

Kathryn said: “We just want to make the club as affordable as possible.”

When a member wins three games, they will be offered a free session to encourage a friendly competitive spirit, and drinks and snacks will be available.

Just some of the games available to play at Horncastle Games Club include: Battleships, chess, Monopoly and card games.

Members are also invited to bring their own games if their favourite is not included.

Booking is essential as numbers will be limited. If there is enough interest from youngsters under the age of 16, then Kathryn will consider setting up a children’s board game group too.

To find out more about Horncastle Games Club, visit their Facebook page at

Donations of board games to the club are also welcome, and anyone wishing to make a contribution can also message the Facebook page.