Litter picking womble cleans up Coningsby

A self-confessed litter picking womble said doing what he does gives him a huge sense of pride.

Neil Stone, the Coningsby litter womble. EMN-220501-104944001
Neil Stone, the Coningsby litter womble. EMN-220501-104944001

Neil Stone has lived in Coningsby for about 30 years, mostly due to his time serving at RAF Coningsby and now as a Full Time Reservist.

He first began ‘wombling’ a few years ago, when he and his wife responded to a call asking for volunteers to do some litterpicking around the town.

Since then, Neil can regularly be seen around Coningsby with his equipment at the ready to keep the streets clean.

He said: “During the lockdown periods, it helped us both get out safely and still keep up the good work along with the other locals that do litter pick too. We’ve had great support from Coningsby Parish Council and East Lindsey District Council, who provide us with the equipment and bags to fill and collect our filled bags.

“I find this gives me a huge sense of pride in my own village and allows me to give something back.”

Some of the more unusual items Neil has found on his rounds include a four-man tent and many items of clothing.

While the majority of people he encounters during his litter picks are thankful, Neil said he’s also met some who aren’t as positive:

“I’ve been criticised by some, saying “it’s the council’s job” or “stop wasting your time,” but I just like to do my bit, however small, to make Coningsby a better place. “There’s a small few of us that keep doing it and will, as long as we can.”

You can follow Neil’s wombling exploits on his Twitter page at