‘Seeker of truth’s’ haunted history of Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire is a historic county with many tales told of spiritual activity, and no-one knows this more than Tom Warrington, a paranormal investigator and ‘seeker of truth’.

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With Halloween coming up this weekend, there’s no better time for Tom to share some of his expereinces with the paranormal that occured over his many years of exploration into the spirit world.

Here, Tom tells us some of his most chilling, intriguing and downright terrifying encounters from haunted sites across the county.

Whether or not you believe in ghosts and spirits, Tom’s research and investigations have taken him to some very intriguing and historic places across the county, so have a read of his story and decide for yourself...

The Gliderdrome, Boston. EMN-211024-155608001

“The topic of ghosts has been questioned, pulled apart, believed and debated since the dawn of time. For me it has been a personal quest to search for the truth, and so far it has been a fascinating journey.

“I have investigated claims of hauntings for many years and one thing I have learned is that people do genuinely experience what we label as some of the following – “Ghostly phenomena”– - “Haunting” – “Apparitions”.

“But do we really know what these terminologies mean?

“The word ‘ghost’ actually derives from the Olde English terminology ‘to be a ghast’ (to be scared). I am classed as a skeptical researcher of whom will, when possible, give a very natural and definite cause to peoples claims of hauntings.

Church Farm Museum, Skegness. EMN-211024-164507001

“From my many years of research, and investigating hundreds of locations I have come to one conclusion from my findings: Some people are genuinely experiencing subnormal happenings, but we are yet to scientifically gain evidence and to discover what the mechanics are for when people claim to see ghosts.


“The town’s train station or The Vine Hotel have been mentioned in many pieces of literature I have read over the years with regards to hauntings, but I think there is a certain location that I believe to have regular sub-normal happenings taking place that have been documented from various individuals.

““The Church Farm Museum is a fantastic open air museum, of which is the town’s oldest building.

The interior of the Gliderdrome, Boston. EMN-211024-155619001

“The 18th century farm house really does take you back in time with period items within its historical walls; it truly is a specially preserved building. This is a place I have investigated/visited and given a public talk at, so it has a particular hold on me, I suppose.

“It’s an interesting location because of the ongoing strange occurrences that have presented themselves to members of the public, volunteers and investigators alike.

“People have claimed to have seen apparitions in and outside the house itself, along with certain audible phenomena resonating within the downstairs of the building.

“The museum is certainly well worth the visit, and you never know what or whom you may bump into on the grounds of The Church Farm Museum...

East Kirkby Airfield. EMN-211024-164837001


“From my own research and witness interviews there is no ignoring Haverholme Priory when we talk about peoples encounters with “ghosts”.

“There are many stories and witness accounts alike that seem to point towards an age-old legend of ghostly monks with lanterns wandering the surrounding area.

“The priory itself was founded in 1137 and succumbed to its final historic destination of being sold to an American lady in 1926, which then activated a very passionate project to dismantle the priory stone by stone, to be shipped to her native country.

“The priory, although mostly in ruin, never made it to America and the lady who bought the property died in a tragic train crash.

“Unfortunately I personally have never witnessed anything within the area; however there seems to be a common trend for people I have interviewed regarding their personal experiences.

“A phantom horse and carriage has been witnessed by many people over the years, pacing down the narrow road and over the bridge that overlooks the priory.

“The sounds of horses galloping on the bridge have also been noted through the decades and the phenomena still supposedly occurs today.


“The former RAF airfield located in East Kirkby, just south of Horncastle, has been a frequent place to visit for plane enthusiasts and ghost hunters over the years.

“The main watchtower that overlooks the runway seems to be the general area for people’s accounts of strange activity.

“My personal visits and participation in monitoring/recording throughout day and night-time periods, have incurred no such spontaneous paranormal occurrences. This does not by any means deny peoples’ personal experiences from the location.

“On April 17 1945, three airmen lost their lives in an accident involving the loading of bombs onto the infamous Lancaster aircraft.

“It is said by many that it’s the three airmen who lost their lives that roam the airfield, and have been supposedly been witnessed to be walking towards the watchtower itself.


“Boston is home to many supposedly haunted locations, however I feel that this particular place that I have visited/investigated multiple times has had its share of strange goings on.

“In 1959, a fire occurred and completely devastated the building, causing a total re-build and the owners expanded the venue to create what was then known as the Starlight Room, later the Gliderdome.

“When construction of the Starlight Room began, contractors made a startling discovery that some may suggest would be the cause of the strange occurrences.

“Beneath the floor were multiple human skeletons –two discovered in thick lead coffins – and the remains were dated back to medieval times.

“Many people have claimed to have experienced a plethora of supposed paranormal activity, the most notable event to date is of the two owners in 2009, of which both witnessed a large wooden table move towards the other side of the room.

“It’s a possibility that people may at times hallucinate with regards to when individuals proclaim to see strange occurrences.

“This event was special because there were two observers to this strange occurrence and both could validate the others’ simultaneous experience.

“Items/furniture can be a common trait with poltergeist activity but are also entwined with the haunted hypothesis.

“Staff have proclaimed to have seen various smokey hazes within the bingo area and adjacent rooms, of which have varied within day and night time appearances.

“There have been several paranormal groups over the years, which have proclaimed to have witnessed furniture moving, along with many audible banging that some say has an intelligence.”

l Have you had any paranormal experiences in these locations, or any others in the county? Let us know by emailing [email protected]