Spiritual business going from strength to strength

Despite tackling adversity, as well as worrying about the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on their trade, a witchcraft and spiritual business in Horncastle has come through it all and revealed its future plans.

Flange and Prong owner Shelly Mayes and PA Tess Lowe. EMN-211019-110027001
Flange and Prong owner Shelly Mayes and PA Tess Lowe. EMN-211019-110027001

Flange and Prong set up in March 2017 on West Street, overcoming initial scepticism and in some cases, prejudice from the community.

They have now grown beyond even the owner’s wildest dreams.

Spokesman Tessa Lowe-Rawlings said: “We’ve expanded beyond anything we ever imagined.

“We’ve overcome some backlash, and we wanted to refresh our image with the services we offer and show that we’re a community hub, a safe space for people to come to if they’re feeling lost.”

Tessa said they received some negative reactions when they first opened due to the stereotypical image of witches as ugly, evil devil worshippers:

“We’re the exact opposite of that media stereotype. We serve the earth and the people of the earth as healers and help and guide people.”

From starting out just offering palm reading, tarot and crystal ball, Flange and Prong now offers a great deal more.

Just some of the new services the business offers are mediumship, spiritual readings, past life regressions, spirit board nights, witchcraft tarot and Reiki workshops.

To help others tap into their own natural gifts, they offer hypnotherapy and meditation courses, psychic awareness workshops, as well as witchcraft study groups to help those interested in joining a coven learn if they are suitable candidates.

As their community has grown, so has their team and now Flange and Prong has five like-minded members.

Tessa said: “Our energy is amazing and we’re all so dedicated to our friendship and craft which really lets us grow.”

The team now hopes to expand further as they are fast running out of space. They also offer alternative clothing, furniture and pre-loved items.

Tessa said they want to be able to provide more space and therapies for customers and keep serving the community they love.

To find out more about their services, visit www.facebook.com/flangeandprong/