Mythical dragon to ‘break through’ Lincoln Castle as part of exhibition

A sculpture which would depict a dragon “breaking through” Lincoln Castle has been proposed as part of an exhibition this year.

The project, which has been tabled by Lincolnshire County Council, would be showcased from March 18 until October 14.

As part of the plan, the temporary exhibition would be located at the Cobb Hall area within the grounds.

Cast in polyester resin, the dragon would be created by using “false walls” in front of the real walls to create the appearance that it has broken through the castle.

It would come as part of the “Once upon a time” vision for the castle this year, which will explore local myths and legends.

In its plan, the council said the vision will help to “encourage and promote imaginative play”.

It said: “We will be inviting people to revisit and reimagine Lincoln Castle

“Our showcase for 2020 is a giant, mythical dragon that will burst through the walls of Lincoln Castle, making Cobb Hall its lair.

“Visitors will be invited to take part in a dragon hunting adventure and make Lincoln Castle the magical backdrop for their very own storytelling.”

A decision will be made by the county council on the sculpture at a later date.