Academy is focusing on all-round healthy lifestyles for students

All-round healthy lifestyles and mental wellbeing are being promoted at Louth Academy, through good food and regular exercise after a year of Covid-19.

Lennon Dovey, Paige Harriman and Jess Hopps (all 14 years old) choose fruit at break time as the academy promotes good health and mental wellbeing

Following months of lockdowns and strict safety measures, the opportunity to get outside and take part in team sports and to concentrate on promoting healthy minds and bodies has been welcomed by everyone at the academy.

From the catering department to physical education and mental wellbeing, staff have worked hard to put measures in place to encourage health and fitness as part of the students’ daily routines.

Tim Lowe, curriculum leader for PE at Louth Academy, said: “We encourage all students to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Year 9 student Jess Hopps samples some of the delicious fruit available as part of Louth Academy’s efforts towards all-round wellbeing

Taking part in regular physical activity enables students to experience the vast benefits of exercise on their social, physical and mental wellbeing.

“We continue to provide opportunities for students to become more physically active and feel better about themselves, in a safe and enjoyable environment.

“Pupils in all year groups have access to an extensive extra-curricular programme, which has been based around the sports highlighted in a recent student survey.

“Additionally, the PE department is delivering different initiatives such as Sport Leaders UK and Girls’ Football Activators.

Students take part in outdoor PE to promote better fitness

“These leadership-based programmes are aimed at encouraging students to take ownership of developing physical activity levels and school sport within the academy.”

Alongside physical activity is a healthy eating plan which has been developed by the academy’s caterers, Aspens – and their ‘world kitchen’ menu has
gone down a storm.

Aspens group catering manager, Lindsay Jackson, explained: “Research increasingly demonstrates the need for good nutrition across all age groups and a balanced diet reduces the number of nutrition-related illnesses in young people.

“Our menus are enjoyable as well as nutritious. We play an important role in promoting a well-balanced diet and setting pupils on the right track for later life.”

A colourful and informative board all about how to be happy and healthy

Students have been vocal, about their support for the new menus too. Year Seven student Finley Nicholson said: “The food is multi-cultural and involves all tastes.”

Harold Blow added: “The food is amazing and I love it.”

Year Eight student Katie Kenyres added: “I love the school food because there is so much to choose from and we have opportunities to try new foods.”

Philip Dickinson, Louth Academy principal, said the academy continued to place great emphasis on health and fitness.

Some of the healthy food available for students and staff at the Academy

He said: “All-round fitness makes everyone feel better and young people work well in the classroom when they are feeling good about themselves.

“This has been a very difficult year for everyone and I am so proud of how the students and staff have carried on throughout the difficult times.

“We are all now looking to be the best versions of ourselves and exercise and healthy eating go a long way towards that.”