Hospital staff praised for saving mum and baby after 'traumatic' labour

Hospital staff have been praised for saving the lives of a mum and baby son following a ‘long and traumatic birth’.

Sadie and Daniel pictured with baby Theodore shortly before leaving Pilgrim Hospital, and right, Baby Theodore at one day old.
Sadie and Daniel pictured with baby Theodore shortly before leaving Pilgrim Hospital, and right, Baby Theodore at one day old.

Sadie-Marie Langton, of Coningsby, lost four pints of blood during an emergency caesarean section on February 24 after her baby son got stuck in her pelvis during labour.

Now Sadie’s mum Angela Ebbon is now hoping to brave a 16,000ft skydive to raise money for United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust charitable fund - to say thanks to the labour ward staff who she calls ‘miracle workers’.

Angela said: “This is so special to us as we came very close to losing our daughter and grandson during a traumatic birth.

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Sadie's parents meet baby Theodore, and right, Sadie's mum Angela visits her in hospital.

“Both mom and baby are doing very well thanks to them [Pilgrim Hospital staff] - and daddy is doing well too.”

But she added: “They have been referred to PTSD counselling due to the horrific ordeal they all endured.”

It was a long and traumatic labour for new mum Sadie - which began on a cold Monday morning in February.

Visiting the hospital for various checks as the labour progressed, Sadie was eventually induced on the Tuesday.

A more recent photo of Theodore. Images supplied.

“But he still didn’t want to come out,” said Sadie.

“So I was given a hormone drip on the Wednesday morning.

“He finally started to come out on Thursday morning - but then decided to get stuck in my pelvis.”

It became an emergency situation with medical staff having to act fast and perform a c-section to ensure the baby did not suffer with oxygen deprivation.

The young mum was conscious, but sedated, throughout the operation - but her husband Daniel had to sit anxiously by as staff battled to safely deliver the baby who had moved lower down into Sadie’s pelvic region.

Sadie said additional incisions had to be made in order to get the baby out safely.

“It wasn’t as bad for me as I was fairly oblivious to it all because of the drugs they gave me,” said Sadie.

“But Dan sat there and lived through it. He thought at one point that he was going to lose both of us.

“The team at Pilgrim were just incredible. There were 32 people in theatre with us at one point.“

Eventually, he was pulled out by his feet - but by this stage I had lost four pints of blood.”

Baby Theodore was born on February 24, weighing 7lbs - two weeks before his due date.

The family are particularly thankful to Pilgrim’s consultant Mr Ikhena.

Sadie explained: “Mr Ikhena stepped in and managed to get Theodore out.

“If it wasn’t for him, I’m not sure we’d be here now.”

Sadie says she is still under the care of the perinatal mental health team - with she and Dan also having been referred to PTSD counselling for the ‘trauma’ they went through.

“My mom is doing the skydive to say thanks. She’s always wanted to do one, so this is her chance to have a go and show ULHT we are so thankful for what they did.”

Her mum Angela said: “We cannot put in words just how thankful we are to them for saving both mommy and baby, and how compassionate they were with daddy too.”

To sponsor Angela’s skydive effort for ULHT’s charitable fund, visit