A magical delivery for Utterby pupils

Two young bookworms at Utterby Primary Academy were delighted to receive special letters from their favourite authors last week.

Morgan Davies (9) and Daisy Brown (10) with Miss Wilson.

Nine-year-old Morgan Davies received a personalised message from none other than author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling.

Meanwhile, his classmate, 10-year-old Daisy Brown, received an illustrated letter from her favourite best-selling author, the comedian and television star David Walliams.

The surprise star-studded messages arrived shortly after Morgan and Daisy’s year five class wrote to their favourite authors as part of a literacy class, taught by Miss Wilson.

Miss Wilson said: “When teaching letter writing, it is nice to give the pupils a sense of purpose, rather than writing a fictional letter.”

Although there was always a remote chance that pupils could receive a response from the authors, the youngsters were still shocked when the letters turned up at school.”

Morgan and Daisy said: “We were really excited to get the letters. It was a surprise!

“Writing to the authors and getting letters back has made us enjoy the lessons more.”

Miss Wilson added: “The whole class is excited, and we’ve all seen it as a bit of a victory. Utterby Primary may be a small school, but big things can happen!”