A Merry Christmas for St Michael's after Ofsted report

St Michael's CE Primary School received an early Christmas present from Ofsted last week - in the form of a glowing report.

Headteacher Paul Fox celebrates the Ofsted report with pupils.

The new report, which follows an inspection of the school last month, concludes that St Michael’s continues to be a ‘good’ school the education watchdog’s grading system.

The report notes that the school has ‘sustained the strengths’ which were identified during its previous inspection back in 2011, and has ‘dealt effectively’ in areas identified for improvement.

In particular, the report highlights how the school leadership team has maintained the good quality of education since the last inspection, and has ensured that pupils continue to make good progress in the school’s ‘calm, warm and understanding’ environment.

The Ofsted inspector, Clive Moss, also noted that the school leadership ensures that the pupils benefit from a broad curriculum, which provides effectively for their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Mr Moss met with staff and governors during the day, and also gauged parental opinion.

Throughout the day Mr Moss also spoke to children and concluded that they feel safe and happy at the school.

Other positive areas noted in the report include effective safeguarding, pupils’ strong understanding of the school’s ‘golden rules’, good support for disadvantaged pupils, and high gains in phonics, writing and mathematics.

It was also noted that pupil attendance was at a four-year high, and above the national average for the first time in that period.

St Michael’s headteacher, Paul Fox, told the Leader that was very pleased that his school had received such a wonderful ‘early Christmas present’.

Mr Fox said: “Personally, I am delighted with the report and how it recognises the hard work of all involved in the life of St Michael’s.

“We had a really good report five years ago and this one says we are even better now – a feat we could not have achieved without a massive team effort.

“We are always looking to improve the learning experience for our children here and Ofsted agreed we have chosen the right areas to develop.

“The report is a lovely, and well deserved, early Christmas present to the school.”