A '˜safe flight' at Louth solicitors office

Members of the public strolling through Louth's Cornmarket on Monday morning may have been surprised (and perhaps slightly alarmed) to see a heavy-duty metal safe soaring overhead.

The safe prepares to take flight from the first storey window at Wilkin Chapman LLP Solicitors in Louth's Cornmarket.

The reason behind this strange sight was that Wilkin Chapman LLP solicitors were clearing the redundant safes out of its office, but had to enlist the support of a large crane to lift the items out of their first storey window due to their size and weight.

The safes were being removed as a result of more documentation being registered online, and the company no longer needing to keep paper copies.

Jim Judge, Partner at Wilkin Chapman, said: “It’s not every day that a safe flies through the Cornmarket!

“However due to modern working practices, such as online registration of deeds and documents, our safes are no longer required.

“The extra space also enables us to reorganise our office in preparation for further improvements. This shows Wilkin Chapman’s commitment to the town of Louth and to our existing and new clients.”