AA Grundi:Why do people risk life and limb for the perfect selfie?

Is it wrong of me to start chuckling about the news that several people in the US have been mauled by bears?

What if I was to tell you that the incidents involved a selfie stick?

Yes it’s true. The authorities at some major national parks in the US have been forced to close trails because of this latest menace.

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They really should be rounded up and shot for safety’s sake. And I’m not talking about the bears.

It has apparently become de rigueur for walkers to get as close as they can to the unfortunate animals in order to get a selfie with them.

Whatever next? Specially designed scuba selfie equipment so you get a shark or crocodile photo-bombing you? It’s all very embarrassing and a sign that the selfie and selfie stick craze is well and truly out of hand.

And it appears to be the tip of the iceberg. In fact, more people have died in selfie stick related incidents than in aforementioned shark attacks over the past year.

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A bloke fell off a cliff trying to get the perfect selfie in China, another was gored to death taking one during a bull run in Spain, and, most recently, a Japanese tourist fell and died on some steps in India while trying to get himself and the Taj Mahal in the same frame.

While two men accidentally blew themselves up in Russia while posing with a live grenade. As you do.

It’s difficult to have too much sympathy with these idiots to be perfectly honest.

I’ve discussed before how the selfie obsession has ruined decent photography.

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I don’t want to look through someone’s holiday snaps if their ugly mug is centre stage on every single one.

Do the Pyramids or the Golden Gate Bridge really look better with some spotty youth in the way? No.

If you own a selfie stick it should be inserted somewhere you’ll definitely need a flash.

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