Addict escapes jail sentence

A HODTHORPE man serving a suspended jail sentence has been spared custody following a drugs offence.

John Slone was arrested in Derby regarding an unrelated matter and taken to St Marys Wharf police station where cannabis was found in a cigarette packet he was carrying.

Becky Mahon, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates it was a small amount of cannabis worth about £5.

Slone, 38, of King Street, Hodthorpe, admitted possessing drugs on 24th October.

He had previous convictions for drug offences.

The court heard that he received a suspended prison sentence last August following a conviction for assault.

The bench decided not to activate the suspended sentence and imposed a one-year conditional discharge, with £100 costs.

The cannabis seized will be destroyed.

Steve Brint, for Slone, said: “He has been a drug user for 25 years and it has led to numerous court appearances.”

“To his credit he no longer uses heroin and crack cocaine, which he was addicted to.”

“He dabbles with cannabis and is trying to wean himself off it.

“It would be unjust to activate the suspended sentence for possession of a small amount of cannabis.”

Mr Brint said Slone had been unwell for a long time and regularly attended Bassetlaw Hospital to see a psychiatrist, an anger management counsellor and a doctor regarding his back problem.