Albany set to take the stage in Lincoln

Join band Albany at The Rogue Saint in Mint Street, Lincoln this Friday evening (July 1) from 9pm.

Albany will  be performing at The Rogue Saint in Lincoln on Friday. 
Photo credit: Nathan Daniel Photography:
Albany will be performing at The Rogue Saint in Lincoln on Friday. Photo credit: Nathan Daniel Photography:

This up and coming band started out as a three piece semi-acoustic act initially, but over the last two years have grown into a talented quartet, bringing forward a fresh and exciting mix of original songs from the Indie Britpop persuasion.

Band founder, Matt Duke,30, who is also the lead vocalist and plays guitar explains to the Leader that he hopes the band can bring back some real raw sound, that is befitting of the 21st century.

He said: “I feel that the British music industry is dead, particularly within the guitar industry.

“The music out there at the moment seems pretty stale and we as a band want to bring back music with some real underlining meaning again. Music that speaks volumes to people and which they can also relate to.”

Also included in the band is Chris Fletcher on bass,23, Daniel McLagan,26, playing guitar and drummer Dan Sharratt,28.

The quarter strive to bring their audiences music that really hits home and leaves a lasting impact, even after the performance is over.

Band member Daniel McLagan, adds that there needs to be more original music out there, rather than just something to sing along to.

He said: “I feel a lot of the music out there at the moment is recycled and has no depth anymore.

“I would say there is definitely a gap in the market for us currently.

“We bring forward a range of differing sounds based on our own individual musical genres we enjoy and collaborate together to bring forward something that’s unique and hasn’t been heard before.”

Each band member still has their own day jobs, but make sure there is still time during the week to share their passion for music with others and try to get themselves out there and perform at every available opportunity.

So if you feel that they are a band worth listening to, then make sure you head over to their gig on Friday.

It will be a performance not to be missed and entry is free on the night.