Aldi will be ‘good for local business’

DINNINGTON is another step closer to its new supermarket after workmen finally arrived on the Aldi site.

The move has come as a relief to some who were beginning to fear the store would never be built.

Seven weeks ago the Guardian reported that, after months of uncertainty, work would be starting on the new supermarket in the autumn.

Julie Schofield, who runs Gorgeous Tips in Dinnington Indoor Market, thinks the store will be good for Dinnington and boost local business.

“I believe it will be especially good for businesses like myself who are based at the top end of the high street,” she said.

“It is healthy for any business to have competition and as Dinnington is no longer the small mining village it once was we need more than one store in the town.”

“The general feedback from my customers is that of excitement. Not only will it provide a wider range of products to consumers but it will also drive more traffic through Dinnington as well as creating much needed employment in the area.”

Dinnington resident and businesswoman Judith Williams agreed, saying increased competition would be good.

She added: “It will mean we have an alternative supermarket and shop that retails many different things which can compete with the major players.”

“Everybody is looking for ways to save money on essentials and the introduction of a second supermarket can only be good.”

“There will be shops within Dinnington who will be affected by the opening of Aldi but that will be to the benefit of residents.”

“Having a second national company within the area can only be good for us all, not only those who shop but providing employment within the area.”

Dinnington town and borough councillor Simon Tweed said he hoped the store would help to encourage more shoppers into the town.

“Like many other local residents I was excited on Monday morning when I drove past the Aldi site to see that the workmen had started to build the new store and can not wait until it is fully opened.”

“I would like to think that the building of this new store will bring many more people back into our town centre.”

“This in turn will also be a benefit to many of the small traders in the town as many of these independent shops have been run by the same families for over 20 years.”

“It would be testimony and reward to these people for having the courage to stay open and provide service to local people in the recent hard times that have hit the retail trade.”

He also called for a chamber of trade to be reformed to help revitalise the town centre.

He added: “Our local traders could work together with the borough councillors to once again make our town centre a vibrant place with a good mix of high street names and independent shops all working together for a better Dinnington.”

A spokesperson for Aldi said: “The development team is pleased to be on site and starting works for the new Aldi store in Dinnington.”

“We’re planning to open our new Aldi store in early spring 2012 and look forward to offering people great quality products at exceptionally low prices.”