All East Lindsey residents must legally respond to ELDC form

Residents in East Lindsey will receive an '˜Elections Household Enquiry Form' from the District Council from the end of July - and it is a legal requirement for all householders to respond as soon as possible.


The enquiry form must be completed and returned straight away, whether or not there are any changes to report.

The Council’s Chief Executive and Returning Officer, Stuart Davy, said: “It is important that all residents respond to their Annual Household Enquiry Form, even if the details on the form do not need updating, you must respond to let us know that.

“Failure to respond to the form could result in an inability to vote in future elections or affect your credit rating score.”

The form can be completed online, by phone, by text, or by posting the completed forms to Elections Team, Tedder Hall, Manby Park, LN11 8UP.

• More information can be found by visiting from July 29.