Almost 1,000 road repairs in Lincolnshire this summer

As the summer holidays begin, work is underway for almost a thousand road repairs across Lincolnshire.

Towcester roadworks are causing long delays on the M1 in Northants this morning

There are roadworks taking place at 963 locations across Lincolnshire between now and September as Lincolnshire County Council makes the most of the holiday season by repairing roads that are normally heavily used by commuters.

Lincolnshire County Council works alongside partners Kier with Lincoln-based Minster Surfacing as a key member of the supply chain.

Minster has seven teams working on the county’s roads throughout the summer and Minster’s managing director, Bruce Spencer-Knott, said that the summer is a very busy time for his team.

Coun Richard Davies

He said: “When everyone else goes off for their summer holidays, we’re hard at work repairing roads across the county.

“This summer, we’re working on more roads than ever before. It’s a major undertaking, but we do our best to keep disruption to a minimum so we don’t spoil people’s holidays.

“We’ve been investing in cutting edge technology which means we can work better, quicker and more safely than ever before, we’re also making our roadworks much greener through recycling technology. We’re trialling the latest 3D scanning technology which means we can accurately measure the width and depth of road surfaces we need to lay without having to close roads as we’ve had to do in the past.

“We’re trialling the use of recycled plastic as a binding agent for pothole and patch repair and we’re recycling 50 per cent of the material we remove from old road surfaces, cutting our carbon footprint dramatically.”

Lincolnshire County Council schedules roadworks during the summer months while fewer people are making their usual journeys to and from work, doing its best to avoid disruption on major carriageways for holidaymakers.

Councillor Richard Davies, executive member for highways, said: “Planning almost a thousand roadworks across two months sounds like a lot, but summer really is the best time for us to repair most roads across the county.

“Obviously, the roadworks will affect some people and I apologise to those people who’ll be inconvenienced by them, but this work has to be done we’re all working hard to keep disruption to a minimum.

“With companies like Kier and Minster Surfacing using the latest technologies, we can keep the county moving while ensuring we have high quality roads that will last for years to come.”