Amazing image from astronaut Tim Peake shows perfect outline of today's storm over Britain

Major Tim Peake has shared an image of Britain shrouded in rain cloud as seen from the International Space Station (ISS).

The UK shrouded in rain clouds today

After England baked in the sunshine of the hottest day of the year on Sunday, and Northern Ireland and Scotland hit record temperatures yesterday, this amazing photo taken today, Tuesday May 10, shows cloud cover over almost the exact coastal outline of England and Wales

Sending the Tweet, Major Tim said: “Sometimes I wonder if the UK is hiding under cloud intentionally…”

Our region has certainly seen a shift in weather since the sunshine of the weekend.

The rain will stick with us tomorrow, Wednesday before a return to a mixture of sunshine and cloud on Thursday and Friday, temperatures dropping significantly as we head towards the weekend, with highs in the east of 12 degrees celcius.

Major Tim, who is living and working on board the ISS for six months has been regularly tweeting photos of the UK as he passes over our heads.