Amphetamine found in home

An Aston man has been given a conditional discharge for possession of Class B drugs.
Rotherham Magistrates Court, Main Street, Rotherham.Rotherham Magistrates Court, Main Street, Rotherham.
Rotherham Magistrates Court, Main Street, Rotherham.

Terry Flint, 46, of Olive Grove, Aston, pleaded guilty to two charges of possession of cannabis and amphetamine on 6th November last year.

On Friday Rotherham Magistrates Court was told that Flint deserved full credit for entering guilty pleas at the first opportunity.

Mark Hughes, prosecuting, told the court that the police searched Flint’s home on Olive Close on 6th November last year.

The dugs - cannabis and a quantity of white powder - were discovered by the officers during that search.

“When he was interviewed, he told the police that he believed that the powder could be amphetamine,” he said.

The substance was subsequently tested by experts and confirmed to be amphetamine.

“The police say that the value of the cannabis found was about £5,” continued Mr Hughes.

“They estimate that the 19 grams of amphetamine would have a street value of about £100.”

Rob Burden, defending, told the court that Flint admitted to being an ‘occasional cannabis user’.

“He also used to be a regular amphetamine user in the past but is not any longer,” he said.

“He thinks the amphetamine that was found by the police in his home was left over from when he was user, and had been there some time,” he added.

Mr Burden also questioned the police’s valuation of the amphetamine.

He suggested the calculation that had been used had actually inflated the real value of the drug.

“It was not a significant amount of amphetamine and he says he has not used the drug for a number of years,”continued Mr Burden.

“He is struggling financially, and there are concerns over previous incidents of unpaid rent and the possibility of eviction.”

“But is trying to deal with his debt issues and is seeking help,” he added.

The district judge gave Flint full credit for his guilty pleas. He was given an 18 month conditional discharge, and must pay a £15 victim surcharge.

No award for prosecution costs was made due to his financial circumstances.

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