Amusement park ride evacuated at Ingoldmells remains closed

An amusement park ride at Ingoldmells, evacuated after its emergency stop was triggered, remains closed.
The Volcano fires riders up a tower at 50mphThe Volcano fires riders up a tower at 50mph
The Volcano fires riders up a tower at 50mph

The incident took place on Sunday at Fantasy Island but in spite of it causing ‘an abnormal, extremely loud noise’ sending passengers and spectators fleeing the area, a spokesperson said no-one was hurt.

After passengers were taken off the Volcano attraction - a 183ft (56m) drop tower ride – they were offered first aid but declined.

“Unfortunately, due to a fault in a pneumatic valve, this ‘pressure dump’ caused an abnormal extremely loud noise and a release of moisture filled air, which was amplified due to the air release being inside the volcano theming,” said the spokesperson.

“The Volcano is an extremely popular ride at Fantasy Island which has been operating since 1998, and as the safety and ride experience of our guests is extremely important to us, the Volcano will remain closed whilst this investigation is ongoing.

“The rest of the park will remain open as usual.”

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