Andy makes it a musical meeting for U3A members

Gainsborough U3A members were entertained by the musical talents of Andy Smith at their latest meeting.
Andy Smith entertained members of Gainsborough U3AAndy Smith entertained members of Gainsborough U3A
Andy Smith entertained members of Gainsborough U3A

He amusingly spoke about each of his song choices on the theme Sing a Century.

He sang and played for an hour, dipping in an out of the decades since 1920 right up to this decade.

He sang at least one song from each decade so members heard songs from artists as diverse as Cole Porter, Oasis, Adele, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and even Chas &Dave.

Not only did members listen, they were encouraged to join in – when they knew words (and even if they didn’t) in what was a highly entertaining session.

Andy accompanies himself on a guitar, tenor guitar or electronic ukulele.

He also plays the sitar but he joked that getting up from the cross-legged playing position, sitting on the floor, just took him too long nowadays.

His gentle humour also came through in his introductions – especially funny was his presentation of the lyrics of the UK’s most recent Eurovision Song Contest entry,