Anger at the reopening of site inquiry

Bassetlaw Council leader Simon Greaves has written to Secretary of State Eric Pickles to ask him to reverse the decision to take the Vesuvius application to an inquiry.

Coun Greaves is unhappy that the Department for Communities and Local Governmant elected to reopen the inquiry.

His letter said: “I am writing to ask you in the strongest possible terms to personally intervene and review your Departments decision to re-open this Inquiry.”

“Whilst the site owners will have their own reasons for wishing to see this matter resolved speedily I am concerned that the site is a key regeneration site within Bassetlaw and that any delay may result in the site being left vacant for many years to come.”

“As you will have seen from the correspondence in relation to the joint statement on behalf of the Council and applicant, both parties are now in agreement on all significant issues relating to this case.”

“With this being the case and in a time of austerity and severe cuts, I fail to see the benefit of a potentially protracted and expensive inquiry, when both parties are in full agreement and the matter could be resolved by way of written submission.”

Speaking to the Guardian, Bassetlaw MP John Mann lambasted the Secretary of State for delaying the progress of the development.

“He’s delaying further and unnecessarily for no good reason, just wasting tax payers’ money.”

The inquiry involves the first of CEG’s applications for the site.

A second application, with a smaller supermarket, has received planning permission.