Appeal for help to ‘makeover’ rooms at domestic violence refuge in Lincolnshire

Boston Women’s Aid has launched an appeal to help it offer a better ‘home-from-home’ setting to those fleeing domestic violence.

How one of the rooms at Boston Women's Aid refuge currently looks. (Image supplied)

The charity says the 15 rooms at its refuge require ‘a much-needed makeover’ - and are calling on businesses and individuals to help.

Part of the South Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Service (SoLDAS), the charity is seeking funding for their ‘sponsor a room’ project - that will support them to redecorate and refurbish their refuge spaces to make them warm and welcoming for victims who have fled their home in fear of their safety and their children’s safety.

A spokesman for the charity said: “Imagine leaving your home with a moments notice, you can only pack one bag because that’s all you can manage on the train with a pushchair, toddler and young child in tow. What would you take? All those pretty gifts from friends and family at Christmas and birthdays - all left behind.

“This year Boston Women’s Aid are excited to be launching a new project, ‘Sponsor a Room’ and they are looking to our local community and regular fundraisers to help support them in upgrading all the rooms and giving them a much-needed makeover.”

The charity says the cost to refurbish a room is expected to be about £1,600 - which covers the decorating, fitting each room with new bedroom furniture, updating fittings and, in some cases, replacing bedroom carpets.

Project manager at the charity, Sarah Smith, added: “We would like to provide matching curtains and bedding, a brand-new towel along with accessories to make the room more homely - such as cushions on the bed, shelving to display plants, trinkets and photos of loved ones, plus pictures on the walls.

“Victims often retreat to their rooms in those early days to digest and try to make sense of what happened and how they came to be here.

“It is important that this space feels safe and warm and gives the message that we (strangers at first) care.

“It’s likely that people who come to us have been told for years that they are not worthy, that no one cares. This is the first step to them believing that somebody does - we cared enough to make the room look nice and to make them feel welcomed and valued. This is their home, their space, their sanctuary, their time to ‘be’ for as long as they need and until they are ready to move on to their forever home and live a life free from abuse.”

If you or your business can help by sponsoring a room at the refuge, email [email protected]

To donate to Boston Women’s Aid visit the charity’s website.