Approval granted for homes near Louth Canal

Approval has been granted for a controversial plan to build nine new homes off Eastfield Road, next to Louth Canal.

The decision was made by East Lindsey District Council’s planning committee earlier this month, having been ‘called in’ by Councillor Ros Jackson due to various concerns, some of which had been raised by Louth Town Council back in April.

These concerns included density, privacy, threat to wildlife and ecology, traffic impact on Eastfield Road, ‘unresolved flooding issues’, and the potential risk to plans to reinvigorate the nearby canal to boost the local economy through tourism.

There were a number of neighbour objections, including from Jane Air who spoke passionately at the meeting on September 7 with her concerns about wildlife, demanding that bat surveys be carried out before construction begins.

Ms Air also criticised what she alleged to be the ‘Alice in Wonderland scale and sizing’ in the planning documents.

Agent, Mr Reece Musson speaking on behalf of applicant Mr Chapman, defended the ‘small scale and low density’ plans, which would be built using eco-friendly materials.

Mr Musson added that no objections had come from highways, conservation or environmental bodies.

The committee approved the proposal, with conditions, in line with case officer Andy Booth’s recommendation.

The committee’s decision was made five days before the standard consultation period expired, leading to some confusion - with Louth Town Council commenting: “(We) understand that this application, whilst still under the consultation period, has been approved despite advice that this would be 
conditioned as such?

“Louth Town Council, given the opportunity, would continue to object to this development for reasons previously submitted.”

An ELDC spokesman responded: “Approval was granted with conditions, subject to the expiry of the outstanding publicity period without any new material considerations of substance being raised.”