£3m investment and 15 new jobs opportunity for hotel in Sandilands

A £3m scheme to improve a hotel in Sandilands would deliver a massive boost to the area - and create up to 15 new jobs - says its owner.

The plans to extend The Grange and Links Hotel in Sandilands, if passed, would include 24 flats, a swimming pool and room for commercial space.
The plans to extend The Grange and Links Hotel in Sandilands, if passed, would include 24 flats, a swimming pool and room for commercial space.

Matthew Fletcher, who runs The Grange and Links Hotel, has submitted plans to East Lindsey District Council for what he described as a major and much-needed expansion.

The ambitious project includes 24 flats, a swimming pool and commercial facilities.

Despite the investment, there has been opposition from residents - along with objections from the local town council which also covers Mablethorpe, Sutton on Sea and Trusthorpe.

Many of the objectors are concerned about the impact of the flats, claiming they would overlook existing properties.

However, Mr Fletcher said the flats would provide one and two-bedroom accommodation and would extend the existing hotel to provide short and long-term lets.

He also revealed details for a swimming pool and spa facilities that would be open to the public - as well as hotel guests.

The planned commercial accommodation would feature a retail outlet and hairdressers.

Mr Fletcher took over the hotel in July 2014 after it had gone into administration.

He admitted that without the improvements, securing the hotel’s future would be ‘tough’.

He told the Leader: “This is a tough business we’re in and it is a big commitment for us. It isn’t a plan we have taken likely.

“We have put a lot of thought into it and we see it as a positive application.”

Mr Fletcher said he was keen to ‘engage’ with the community and would add to the 35 jobs already provided via the hotel and adjoining golf club.

Although the expansion would provide up to 15 jobs, more could be on offer once the development progresses.

In documents submitted to ELDC, the town council has objected to the plans and raised concerns about increased traffic generation, vehicle access, pressure on the sewage system and privacy issues.

A number of nearby neighbours have also objected.

In a letter, one resident says the development would be ‘totally out of character’ for the area as it overlooks nearby bungalows.

Another neighbour described the proposed development as ‘ugly and overbearing’.

Mr Fletcher is urging residents to see the ‘bigger picture’.

He added: “This is an important development to the area as businesses thrive on the tourism offer.

“Sandilands is a tourist destination and the new plans would give us amenities to double our capacity as we are currently fully booked during the summer months.

“More space would boost the economy and help the hotel get through the quieter winter months.”

He said the plans had attempted to take into account the concerns of nearby property owners and had scaled down the size of the new buildings.

He explained: “These plans would help us to move up to the next level in the tourism industry.

“The pool would be available for public use and would be a great added extra for children’s swimming and resident’s use.”