Archaeologists appeal for people's stories after estate dig

The archaeologists who dug up a Gainsborough housing estate are appealing for residents' help to piece together the area's fascinating history.

An event was held at the Gainsborough Uphill Community Centre on Monday, October 17, to celebrate the success of the Middlefield archeological dig which took place in May.

Former Time Team expert Carenza Lewis and University of Lincoln lecturer Ian Waites led the dig and gave a presentation on what they unearthed.

They also appealed for residents to share their stories of the Uphill estate to support the findings.

Ian said: “I grew up on this estate so I’m really fascinated in what we found. I want to continue to research on the area and dig on the estate to find things from my childhood.

“We made some intriguing discoveries on the dig including finding several toys for boys like toy soldiers and wheels from toy cars but no toys for girls at all. It would be great to discover why this is.”

Ian showed the gathering of residents and amateur historians a film of Gainsborough in the 1960s which he found in the university archive.

It offered a unique angle on the community, and how the town has changed or stayed the same over the years.

Ian added: “What I see in the estate today is exactly how I remember it in the 1960s, things really haven’t changed.

“From the film you can see they lived in a close community and that’s something that has remained the same here. It’s a great community to grow up in and it was brilliant to see the area being active and taking part in the dig.”

A film made around this summer’s dig was shown too, and will take its own place in the university archives.

Carenza and Ian are hoping to take part in another dig on the estate soon if they can get the funding.

To share your memories of the estate, email [email protected], [email protected] or call 01427 675835.