Are traffic wardens putting off visitors coming to Louth?

Councillors in Louth are worried people are being put off visiting the town by traffic wardens.

Some of the Louth Town Councillors believe the recent bad publicity of the countys parking wardens has been bad for the town.

The issue of enforcing on-street parking regulations was highlighted recently when Louth hit the national headlines following coverage of a traffic warden who had been giving out tickets to motorists - and then mocked them on social media.

According to the reports, the warden, Zoe Brunt, 44, was suspended by her employer APCOA, the company commissioned by Lincolnshire County Council to enforce restrictions.

Town councillors discussed the controversy at their monthly meeting last week. They admitted the recent publicity had presented a negative image of the town.

Among a number of concerns, councillors raised doubts about the overall level of training for wardens.

Coun Jill Makinson-Sanders said: “I have to say it worries me.

“They are taking people on like that,(Ms Brunt), and it’s been bad publicity for Louth.

“Lincolnshire County Council need to hang their heads in shame.”

Coun Andrew Leonard said there was ‘complete inconsistency’ in how wardens are trained.

He said: “The town is suffering and people who say it isn’t, need to open their eyes.

“We need to ask Lincolnshire County Council about training because the parking wardens training is lacking.

“Let us write to the County Council asking how much revenue they have received off the back of parking fines and where it is being re-invested.”

Coun Leonard added people had the right as rate payers to know where money from parking fines is being spent.

Coun Margaret Ottaway revealed she never agreed with Lincolnshire County Council ‘farming out’ enforcement responsibilities to a private firm.

However, Coun Chris Green stressed he didn’t like the idea of writing to LCC.

He felt it was unfair to critcise all parking wardens.

He told councillors: “Sometimes you interview people and you don’t know what they are like.

“Don’t tarnish them all because of one person.”

Despite Coun Green’s views, councillors passed a motion to write to LCC with regard to training for wardens - and for information about how income from parking fines is spent.

•The Leader contacted Lincolnshire County Council for a comment but had not received a reply before deadline yesterday (Tuesday) lunchtime.