Are you sitting on area’s oldest toilet seat?

A Doncaster firm is hoping to get to the bottom of a mystery - and find the town’s oldest toilet seat.

Workers at loo seat manufacturer Celmac Wirquin are hoping to be flushed with success by celebrating the company’s 125th anniversary and track down the area’s oldest seat.

The Warmsworth-based factory started life in 1890 as Robert Mcard Ltd after its founder and has been producing toilet seats ever since.

A spokesman said: “Just for fun, homeowners and plumbers are being asked ‘have you seen the oldest Celmac toilet seat around?

“A 1970s seat has already been spotted in a local home - but have you seen older ones?”

The company is celebrating the major milestone with a variety of promotions and events throughout 2015

The renowned brand is one of the leading toilet seat manufacturers in the UK, historically renowned for the 1930’s black crescent shaped school seat with the gap in the front - known as the Crescent and remembered by generations of schoolchildren - along with scratchy Izal medicated toilet paper!

The firm also produces the BS1254 Type 1 (Sonata) and the BS1254 Type 2 (Emerald) seats at the Doncaster based plant in Warmsworth Halt Industrial Estate.

Over one million pieces are now produced each year to meet a wide range of design and technical specifications and products are supplied across the globe as well as locally to Doncaster Knights, Doncaster Council and Doncaster Racecourse.

As well as toilet seats, the company also produces flushing mechanisms, cisterns, frames, wetrooms, traps, wastes and connectors.

The area is already renowned for its place in the UK’s loo history - renowned plumber Thomas Crapper was born in Thorne and is credited with inventing the flush toilet - although he actually was responsible for developing toilet systems and parts rather than the toilet itself.

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of the area’s oldest toilet seat can send photos and details of where it has been spotted via email to [email protected]

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